We are conveniently located on Thompson road just off Carrier Circle in Stracuse, across the street from the byrne Dairy gas station. Here at Blackburn Truck Bodies we specialize in custom equipment for all classes of trucks and commercial industries, especially specializing in aluminum fabrication. we also are a commercial truck dealer and can find you the right truck or chassis for the job. Starting from a basic standard truck or truck body upfit all the way to a full custom design, we can cover all your small to large truck needs.


aluminum flatbeds

Our main focus at blackburn truck bodies is aluminum fabrication. we strive to build a superior body that is strong, long lasting, and looks great. whats great about aluminum is here in the Northeast it can handle our tough climate and you have a body that wont rust out or need repainting. also aluminum is almost 40% lighter than its steel counterpart which means better fuel economy and more payload capacity. if you wanna learn more about our blacburn bodies flatbed or check out some recent project, then just click the "learn more" link below.  

Aluminum landscape / chipper bodies

similar to our aluminum flatbeds, the blackburn bodies landscape body is great for all your landscaping companies needs. we can build it in any size you need to fit your truck and with a wide variety of option. to learn more about our Landscape body or check out some recent projects and options, then click the "learn more" link below. 

dump bodies

at blackburn truck bodies we offer the lanau dump body as our leading dump body manucature, or we can build a custom aluminum dump body for your needs. lanau industries uses the highest quality materials including hardox450 to establish a great built dump body and a good reputation. here at blackburn truck bodies we can also build a quality built aluminum dump body that is light weight and long lasting for years to come. TO learn more or check out recent projects just click the "learn more" link below

service bodies 

here at blackburn truck bodies we offer 3 different service body manufactures.

warner services bodies that specialize in aluminum or steel construction built bodies.

Brand fx service bodies that specialize in a fiberglass construction that is great for fire companies.

stahl service bodies that build a steel contruction body. 

If you would like to learn more about either of these bodies or see some recent projects of each body then click on the "learn more" link below. 

swaploader hooklifts

at blackburn truck bodies we also offer swaplader hooklifts. we have installed them for rubbish removal companies or for landscape companies which allows them to have one truck with multiple bodies for different jobs. to learn more about swaploader and some of our recent projects click "learn more" link below.

Blackburn bodies structural steel body

we tend to build a majority of our bodies out of aluminum but we are also very capable of building large structural steel bodies when they are needed. usually they are for large construction companies or for the rail road industry that needs a super strong heavy duty body . to learn more about our structural steel body and to see some recent project click on the "learn more" link below.

schaeffer's Oil

schaeffer's oil has been around since 1839 and  provides Superior lubricates for improved performance, reliability, and economy. they offer motor oils, hydraulic fluids, fuel additives, greases, and degreasers for all forms of industies. 

we personally carry in stock there motor oils and greases. our main focus is to the racing community and have plenty of racing oil in stock. to learn more about schaeffer and what we have available click on the "learn more" link below

accessory product lines

besides building Superior bodies and building custom upfits, we do offer a few individual products to complete the project.

some lines we carry are. Anothny liftgate, aero tarp, rollrite tarps, rc inductries tool boxes, pro tech tool boxes and headache racks, buyers products, and harsh hoist.

to learn more about each of these products, click on the "learn more" link below.