Dump bodies

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We offer Lanau Industries, GODWIN, Galion and R/S GODWIN dump body as our leading dump body manufacturer,or we can build a custom aluminum dump body for your fleet.

Lanau Industries manufactures Steel Dump Bodies, Custom Dump Bodies and equipment for Trucks. Lanau Industries builds unibody high tensile steel dump bodies reknown for it's light weight and durability. lanau industries uses the highest quality materials including hardox450 to establish a great built dump body and a good reputation. some of lanau's standard bodies are:

  • Sl model---best for your general needs

  • sm model---used mostly by contractors & municipalities for sand and gravel use

  • SH model---the light solution when roughness is required (hardox 450)

  • shd model---the ultimate toughness test (hardox 450)

to visit lanau's website to learn more, click the link---


Godwin, Galion and R/S Godwin manufature Steel and Aluminum dump bodies for personal, commercial, and municipal use. They have bodies for all sizes and application, from 8' to 20'.  Models available are listed below. For more information or in regards to a quote please feel free to give us a call. 

  • 185U---Steel light duty body 8' - 11'

  • 300U & 300T--- Steel medium duty body 9' - 10'

  • 400T & 500TR---Steel heavy duty body 12' - 20' 

  • AU Series--- Aluminum light duty body 8.5' - 11.5'


we also build a quality built aluminum dump body here in our own facility that is almost 40% lighter than its comparable steel dump body and long lasting for years down the road. we only use the best quality material when building our dump bodies. we build them accordingly with the customers needs and propose in mind. 

Dump Body Options

  • electric or manual tarp systems

  • strobe lights

  • wood side boards

  • Rubber Cushion long sills

  • barn door rear swing gate

  • coal doors

  • drop landscaper sides

  • pintle plate hitches

  • high lift gates

  • under body tool boxes

check out some of our pictures and give us a call, it would be our pleasure to help you!