schaeffer's oil

We are the Schaeffer's Oil Retailer for the CNY area. Schaeffer's Oil has been around since 1839. Schaeffer's Oil has been a pioneer in the development of many modern lubrication concepts through the use of additives, frictional modifiers, and synthetics. Schaeffer's Oil offers synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, diesel fuel additives, industrial lubricants, greases, industrial oils and degreasers.

Some products we have in stock are 5w-30 full synthetic, 15w-40 diesel oil, 20w-50 v-twin oil, rear end oil and 2-cycle snowmobile oil but our main focus would be the RACING OIL.

We keep on hand cases of the 10w-30 & 20w-50 extra zinc racing oil for the crate motors, big block modifieds or any other racing engine application including alcohol burning engines. While at the races if your in need of oil stop by our trailer because we keep some on hand also. Schaeffer oil is all we use in our Big Block Modified and in our daily driving vehicles !!! So if you're in need of great reliable engine oil, rear end oil or grease for your race car, gas or diesel truck, or farm tractor give us a call at 315-448-3236, or stop in and it would be our pleasure to help you.

If you would like to learn more about some other products Schaeffer offers check out their website, if you find a product your interested in and we dont have it in stock, it would be our pleasure to get it for you.