service bodies 

At Blackburn Truck Bodies we offer 4 different brands of service bodies with each brand specializing in different material, steel, aluminum, and fiber glass.

Warner has built reliable and rugged utility bodies and custom trucks for over half a century serving numerous industries - specializing in aluminum and steel service bodies including Utility/Service Trucks, Crane Trucks, Platform Haulers, Fire/Rescue Trucks, Tankers and Brush Trucks just to name a few.


BrandFX composite service bodies offer a number of advantages compared to conventional metallic bodies. These bodies’ advanced composite construction delivers a unique combination of high-strength, lightweight, durability, and fuel efficiency. The lighter weight of these bodies can reduce wear on tires, brakes, and suspension members, and even add to the capacity of a truck. Easily repaired and corrosion resistant, these premium service bodies are also designed to maintain their quality appearance over many years of service life.


Since 1946, STAHL has been manufacturing durable, rugged truck bodies that provide years of dependable service. Their line of truck bodies includes standard and medium-duty service bodies. STAHL also offers mobile cranes and truck tool boxes that provide heavy-duty performance wherever the job takes you. So, whether you lift, store or haul, STAHL has a variety of truck bodies to meet your needs.